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Here’s The Problem

Have you ever tried to make a single cup of coffee in a standard $20 coffee maker?

The Result is basically a Mess

Weak watery or thick strong coffee!


Sure, nowadays you could spend $100 and buy a whole new single cup coffee brewing system and end up paying another 10 times more per cup than store bought coffee. But, who has the space for a whole other coffee maker appliance?   Plus, let’s face it, for most of us a single cup of coffee is the exception, not the rule.

Today, a coffee maker is basically an ancient device devised before the invention of the microwave that was primarily designed to boil water quickly. Do we really need one in our home anymore? The simple answer is NO!

Introducing Make1Cup!

The revolutionary new way to make a single cup of coffee, tea
or other beverage in your standard drip coffee maker
or with NO COFFEE MAKER at all!


Make1Cup completely transforms the single cup brewing industry. It costs less than $20.  It is made of three simple parts and is about the size of a standard drip coffee filter. A cartridge holder (acting as a brewing chamber) holds standard K-cups, but it doesn’t need to. Using a more environmentally friendly reusable mesh filter, you can place ground coffee, tea bags (dried tea leaves), dry hot chocolate, or even dry soup mix directly to the brewing chamber.  A funnel collects hot water dripping from a standard drip coffee maker and meters hot water slowly into the brewing chamber that screws onto the funnel. These two parts when screwed together replace and stand upright in place of the coffee filter holder for all major brand drip coffee makers.  Finally, there is a third part that the other two parts can easily snap in to that provides a way for the Make1Cup system to securely sit on top of any coffee cup or mug. This allows you to do away with a coffee maker altogether. You simply slowly pour one cup of hot boiling water from your microwave or stove into the funnel which slowly meters the water through the K-cup or brewing chamber directly into your coffee cup for a perfect and instant hot beverage in about 2 mins.



More Environmentally Friendly

Reduces or totally eliminates K-cup and paper filter waste

Less Expensive

Allows you to use a standard Drip Coffee Maker


Expected price - less than $20

More Flexible

Use with or without K-cups

Kitchen Space

Eliminates the need for 1 or 2 coffee makers


Can be taken camping

Less Storage

Can fit in a drawer

Preserves multi-cup use

Use your standard drip coffee maker for 1 cup or 8-12 cups

Market Size / Opportunity


Solution Opportunity:

  1. Adding single cup brewing to all existing customers with standard drip coffeemakers.
  2. Disrupting and replacing the high cost of single coffee brewing appliances being sold.
  3. Adding the new market of portable beverage brewing with simple boiling water for campers, hikers and other markets that prevent carrying coffee makers.
  4. The total disruption and replacement of all coffee appliances including drip coffeemakers.


We estimate in 2016, about 80 Million coffee makers will be sold worldwide, of which about 20 Million, will be single-cup coffee brewers. We expect to occupy at minimum, 10% of the total coffee machine sales at product market maturity, or about 8 Million total annual sales.  Note, our total sales estimate also allows for product imitators and illegal Chinese imitation products to enter the market which will result in price and margin degradation as follows.

Local/spot TV Spots: 2 minute infomercials
2017 Sales Estimate: 250,000 x $19.99 = $5 M Gross Sales, (100% profit margin)
National TV Spots: 2 minute infomercials
2018 Sales Estimate: 1.5 Million x $14.99 = $23 M Gross Sales (75% profit margin)
National TV Spots: 2 minute infomercials & Local product placement
2019 Sales Estimate: 5 Million x $9.99 = $50 M Gross Sales (40% profit margin)
Local product placement: Walmart, Starbucks, Target, etc.
2020 Sales Estimate: 8 Million x $7.99 = $64 M Gross Sales (35% profit margin)

Total 4 year Sales Estimate = $142 M Gross Sales

Investor Pitch

Watch a 10 min. Investor Pitch at Tech Map in Austin.


There are NO direct competitors for Make1Cup because it is a unique first of it’s kind product with a Patent Pending status. Indirect competitors fall into two categories. The first category are single cup brewing appliances (machines). The second category is all other drip brewing machines except for Expresso, French Press or specialty brewing appliances.


Green Mountain/Keurig and off brand Single Cup Brewers.

  1. $15 total cost compared to $100-$120 for machine.
  2. $.20 cost per cup of coffee compared to $1.00 per K-cup.
  3. More environmentally friendly: Using re-usable filter basket instead of K-cup plastic pods that have to be disposed of.
  4. More counter space by using only one appliance.

All other Coffee appliances.

  1. Less expensive drip coffee pot that can do 1 cup or 12 cup brewing.
  2. More portable, brewing without any appliance.
  3. More environmentally friendly: Using re-usable filter basket instead of disposable paper coffee filters.
  4. More counter space by elimination of all coffee brewing appliances.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Make1Cup is Patent Pending in the United States and other worldwide markets.  Because Make1Cup can use K-cups, the controlling prior-art that is most similar is the Keurig patent on the K-cup (US 07/945,746) which expired on September 2012.  A other similar patent is for the Keurig reuseable basket (US2002/011077) (The “My K-Cup”) for it’s K-cup brewers.  Both the abstract and Claims for the Keurig reuseable basket specifically refer to: “use in a single serve beverage brewer”.  As a result, the Keurig patent (US2002/011077) do not apply to use in multi-serve beverage brewers.  In fact, The Keurig (US2002/011077) is not sold, nor can it be used in multi-serve drip beverage brewers. It has no capacity to hold water for brewing. It has no ability to stand up-right on it’s own.

The entire purpose that the Keurig reuseable basket was created in the marketplace was to keep competitors from creating an alternative re-usable single server alternative to their K-cups and thus circumvent their primary patent. In fact, one company, SoloFill did just that. Solofill filed and obtain patent (US 13/436,690) for the Single serving reusable brewing material holder with offset passage for offset bottom needle and patent (US 13/546,875) for the Single serving reusable brewing material holder.  Other incarnations include patent (US 11/777,831),Pod adaptor system for single service beverage brewers. However, SoloFill has all the same deficiencies of a standard K-cup or Keurig’s reusable K-cup.

The major difference in all of these prior art patents compared to Make1Cup is that Make1Cup is specifically not for use and cannot be used in any single serve beverage brewers. It is NOT a K-cup. It will not work inside of a K-cup brewer.  It is ONLY designed to work in a conventional drip coffee maker (multi-serve beverage brewer), or in a stand-alone capacity.  The K-cup, the re-usable K-cup/My Cup, and SoloFill are all designed for and to work within Green Mountain/Keurig brewers and other new single cup brewer competitors that have come on to the marketplace to exploit the expiration of the K-cup patent.

Most importantly, Make1Cup has absolutely nothing to do with “applicance-based” single serve beverage brewing electrical machines. In fact, it seeks to be a total disruptor of that market and to completely eliminate the need for the single serve beverage brewing applicances in most normal personal-use circumstances. We believe the K-cup and single brewer market share will diminish to only be applicable in business use or upper end customers where the added convenience will substantiate the additional much higher cost and price point.


Make1Cup is seeking $60,000 to bring the product to market and we will match up to $25,000
Payback of initial investment in 24mos. at 4x return.
Make1Cup is seeking $120,000 to create a 2min advertising commercial, for select local test market TV buys, and upon success, for a National Advertising run.
Payback of advertising investment in 12 mos. at 2x return.

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